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Landscape with a Double Rainbow
John Constable, born 1776 – died 1837

Rainbows fascinated Constable, who was highly knowledgeable about ‘this most beautiful Phenomenon of Light’. They frequently appear in his later works. This was one of a group of three oil sketches sold at auction in 1838 for £5 5s.

This is the artist’s first known treatment of a double rainbow, a theme he seems to have used consciously as a symbol of hope, and he painted it during a return visit to his birthplace in Suffolk.

It has been related to lines from Wordsworth’s poem The Rainbow:

My heart leaps up when I behold
A rainbow in the sky:
So was it when my life began,
So is it now I am a man,
So be it when I shall grow old…
The child is father of the man…

To the Romantic eye, heart and mind, the rainbow seemed the ultimate image of everything in life that was beautiful but transitory, visible but intangible. Constable himself wrote in his volume of mezzotints English Landscape Scenery in 1833: ‘Nature, in all the varied aspects of her beauty, exhibits no feature more lovely nor any that awaken a more soothing reflection than the rainbow’.

Before we tackle the situation of what the Mushroom Kingdom means to me. Sit back and look at this painting as it will help enlighten you. How does it make you feel? The following video is an interview with Kurt Cobain which I believe will help you begin to understand my perspective on the world I envision which I call the Mushroom Kingdom of America.

The Mushroom Kingdom of America will become a network of communes spread across every state of America. We begin by forming various communes to help strengthen the DNA of humans, plants, and wildlife. We will be self-sustaining and will form many ventures to build capital. No more suffering, you will always have work once you join our family. Moving forward, you will pass judgment based on consciousness intent. In the beginning, applicants must have a beautiful mind, but we will cater to all as our empire grows. We work with all authorities following local, state, and federal laws to ensure the integrity of our communities. Strength in numbers.

We will become tight-knit communities where we all feel comfortable and can get along as allies. Our communes will become societies of thriving individuals who work together. We work together because we know competitiveness has corrupted humanity for far too long.

These networks of tight-knit communities will become our utopia. We will reverse the damage done to our DNA by consuming alkaline foods and spring water. Children will be raised on communes separate from other communes so they identify their true selves unlocking their consciousness intent. Together, we will break the spells of materialism and libido. If your heart is full of gold, you are most welcome in the Mushroom Kingdom as we only accept the brave.

We will have many jobs related to nature. We will become the seed that blossoms the Garden of Eden across this beautiful nation. I will be the guide for the lost as this will balance energies and keep everyone on Earth in harmony for the time being.

A true warrior is often not liked but has respect amongst all other true warriors. We will reward the unique in the Mushroom Kingdom. Each warrior will develop their own spirituality and connection with the realm outside this material world. Different communes set in different sectors of America will have various needs and wants that cater to the specific sets of individuals that occupy them. We want you to find the commune where you feel most comfortable.

Upon entry, I will help you unlock your subconscious allowing your consciousness intent to shine through. You must learn that fear is a demon you create for yourself as a human. Learn to make friends with these demons and know that these demons you have created want you to level up in life. You will no longer turn your back on these demons moving forward in life. You must learn to control these chaotic energies to reach the state of nirvana. From one perspective, the gifts we grow from our DNA can be quite painful – physically, mentally, and spiritually. As we awaken to our various gifts, we seek knowledge as we surrender to the cosmic duality of love. We all have our own personal gods and demons to deal with. This way of thinking can lead to a state of nirvana which I am still perfecting. You will learn to be grateful for everything that you went through to reach this new level of vibration. You can then grow your consciousness intent without outside interactions interfering with you. Over time, we will discover your deepest, darkest desires as this is the path to true enlightenment. The asleep can be very powerful forces working against you as they vibrate low and their consciousness can be easily hijacked. The sleepers will always be waiting for you. We are in the midst of a war on consciousness and the Mushroom Kingdom is our salvation. Strengthen your DNA with me and join us. True warriors will always strike fear in the sleepers. Lowlifes and immature demons who let shadow work succumb to them, surrender to love with me, or perish. Our Mushroom Kingdom will produce nothing but warriors as we find great joy in serving others.

Cosmic warriors of the Mushroom Kingdom will faithfully stand for family, loyalty, integrity, trust, unity, intelligence, and will find themselves chosen for the path of consciousness. You will know your creator and will seek salvation to escape this material world.

The Mushroom Kingdom will become a breeding ground for enlightened humans as you will no longer be driven by libido. DNA is varied and is a wildcard for consciousness. Do not worship external. Always look within when judging. Remember, I love all of you. We will build enormous orgonite structures within all of our communes to withstand all forces that oppose us. Nature is art people and our communes will become impenetrable.

Spirit lives on through the lives of others. Be the change you want to see in the world. The more lives you affect, the more powerful you become. Everyone has a piece to this puzzle, some call it common sense. No matter what you think of this person, we are truly all one. Love experiencing itself subjectively. Evil, good, naive, smart, all of these collective puzzle pieces can come together and unlock the universe. Togetherness, not competitiveness. No one is better than anyone else. Let’s all come together and help each other grow.

We will welcome all nomadic humans who contribute to our families positively with love. We do not judge if you are true to your heart.

All appointed warriors will report to me for assigned duties. I will look for the talents in everyone so work is always pleasure. I will show you labor and pleasure have been divorced for far too long. We will all be rewarded for hard work as a collective.

It is important to accept there are many different types of humans that roam the Earth. We stand for love and understand humans vary tremendously on a DNA level. We can all agree we have different types of humans which have unique deficiencies linked to their DNA. Let’s strengthen all humans and work together moving forward in New America to eliminate all DNA deficiencies. I find the exploration of the mind most enjoyable in this 3D realm and strengthening the DNA of humans will allow increased mental clarity over the generations allowing the human mind to fully unlock and activate without the use of psychedelics.

Moving forward in New America, we will begin to separate by class once again so all communities can thrive in their own righteous fashion. Prove your worthiness as a newly formed clan and build your own empire as I will supply the natural resources. As a collective, no more competitiveness. Togetherness. One world order.

Written by a true guardian angel and his descendants.

Group homes, drug rehab centers and mental health facilities will be established to help transition everyone to our communes.

123 is the key to source. They’re dead. I’m dead. You’re dead. We’re all dead. Awaken to consciousness with me and you will receive the gift of immortality.

We must all come together to break our bondage. Let us not live in the past, but forge a bright new future where Americans rely on each other to thrive. Remember, you possess the spirit of a warrior.

We have many talents locked away hidden within our DNA. Illuminate your darkness to unlock the true warrior within. Surrendering to love is the first step.


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