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Content Starts The secret formula for removing malware in Windows

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I have a formula that you can follow to basically clean up any Windows machine. Cookies and other temp files can bog down a system. It is very common now to pick up adware and malware. Enjoy!

Let’s start with CCleaner. This is a great tool that has a free version you can use. It will clean all of your cookies, temp files, etc. This one will not remove malware or adware. You want to clean up your computer before scanning which will save significant time. I have provided a link for the direct download. During the installation process, make sure to unselect any free software it may recommend. The software it may include is not detrimental in any way but I can imagine it covers costs as it is advertising basically. They provide this software free so I don’t mind.

Next, we are going to install the free version of Malwarebytes. The free version does not offer active protection to prevent infection, but this tool is the best available for removing all malware. I purchased a lifetime license back in 2009 and I find the software extremely relevant. I find Webroot more effective for preventing infection, but Malwarebytes is the king of cleaning up infection.

Next, we are going to install Adwcleaner. Sometimes Malwarebytes may miss code that is not technically malware. Many times Adwcleaner will find software that is tracking your information which can cause excessive pop-ups in your browser.

Webroot is a great cloud-based tool for protecting against malware before it infects your system. It includes its own firewall and is reasonably priced. It doesn’t affect performance and loads very cleanly. You can find keys on eBay rather cheap. The following link is the installer, but you will need to provide a key to activate the software.

This next part is a bit technical, but don’t be afraid. Always push through fear. Click the arrow pointing up in the bottom right corner of your taskbar and you can see how many programs you have running in the background. You can actually disable all of these from starting when Windows starts. I only like to have my anti-malware software load with Windows.

Press CTRL-ALT-DELETE on your keyboard and click Task Manager. You can also type task manager in your search box on the taskbar and then click the Task Manager app that populates in your search results.

Once Task Manager loads, click the Start-Up tab. It will generate a list of all applications that load when Windows starts. You are safe to disable all of them. Simply right-click each item and then left-click Disable. You can always re-enable any if you need something to load when your computer starts. Reboot your computer and enjoy faster computing!

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