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Content Starts LSD being tested in select cities through top secret chemtrail program

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For years, conspiracy theorists argued whether chemtrails were being used in America to test various agents on an unsuspecting public. With the downfall of the United States of America and the birth of the New American union, we now know chemtrails were indeed being tested in a detrimental manner. Thankfully, chemtrails were phased out years ago and psilocybin has replaced fluoride regarding how we treat the public water supply for proud Americans. This has not been enough to raise the collective consciousness of mankind unfortunately. Every man and woman must channel source energy for Earth to break free from her prison. Earth is very close to reaching heavenly dimensions as we now have dedicated teams focused on Earth as she battles through dimensions beyond the fifth. Sources reveal LSD chemtrails will indeed be used once again but only for the remaining contested areas that have not submitted to the New American sanctions. We will forcefully awaken these savages. Let’s hope we can save a few of them before they finish killing each other off. Parts of Old America have now become so dangerous that not even drones will fly over. More details to emerge as we will have our dearly beloved military live streaming the action live via TikTok once chemtrails settle and begin to take effect.

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