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Here’s a blast from the past. In a galaxy far, far away, dogs were indeed a highly intelligent species that walked upright on 2 legs. They were conquered. Their DNA was regressed to the status of “Collector’s Item” and deposited on Earth to become man’s best friend. An encapsulated cute version of a highly intelligent species. When you spend time with your dog, let’s remember their DNA has been regressed yet they have the gift of going through evolution right here on Earth. I believe Earth is one huge project for many intelligent beings in the universe, physical and non-physical. They are all sending DNA and light codes to us.

When you think about it, humans are well on their way to perform in the same function as a domesticated dog. There was no need to de-calcify our pineal glands at one time, but now it is the focus of everyone in the 21st. Humans had many powers in previous civilizations. We have to be careful as it is becoming more and more obvious just how manufactured we are. The way we think, act, consume, everything is all manufactured. Not all of us, of course, but we need to address our style of indoctrination before we become automated robots. We will indeed have 2 distinct types of humans over the centuries. We will have small manufactured humanoids that serve a small manufactured role in society and then we will have the elite ruling class. These elite humans will become bigger and bigger and even more beautiful each generation. There will be classes within the elite ruling class with classes as well for humanoids. Some humanoids will be born with better odds as far as intelligence and beauty to better distinguish assigned roles. The elite ruling class will begin to form and separate from future humanoids in the 21st.

These manufactured humanoids will become next-gen man’s best friend. Lab-grown humans with modified DNA along with specific indoctrination styles for a very specific role in society.

This totally sounds like Brave New World. I am sure this book I am reading is contributing to my imagination. What a beautiful world, indeed. They will be happy and love their assigned roles. They will love their elite leaders even more just like dogs love their masters. We take care of our dogs just like our future elite leaders will take care of their humanoid pets. They will own nothing and be happy.

We are creators. Let’s join in and have some fun. It is not just one entity controlling this world. We have many players in the ruling class with all sorts of agendas that cause conflict. We then have many lords who oversee our ruling classes. Many voices from many different sides of the world all contributing to our beautiful one world order. Stop being angry and join us to become merry.

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