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Content Starts The Human race has become a parasitic race

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Sega Genesis. Sega Saturn. Sega Dreamcast. Exactly! We live in a dream world.

As kids, we just wanted to play outside with other kids. We didn’t judge. Libido and attraction did not matter. As an adult, this seems difficult to find. Can’t adults be friends without attraction or libido getting in the way? Everything revolves around sex. Humans are such broken creatures and perhaps not natural to our original creation. The original human creation was most likely like every other creature at one with nature. The original creator of this creation may have abandoned this project or was eliminated. Whoever tampered with humans may have not intended it to be this way, but we do have other gnarly creatures that defy nature. Creatures that consume blood. Whoever took over humans drinks blood regularly. Something evil most definitely conquered this world. Perhaps Saturn is the key to restore light to this world. Saturn may be the spiritual realm where all material creation comes from and our original creator may be neutral in how things are run here. Darkness is a wildcard for light. Must always keep an open mind. Meditate and allow the truth to come to you. Read and listen to all perspectives and always show love to your fellow man. Make it a better world. I AM going to make it a better world. Our original creator may still be around, but I can imagine they are most definitely frustrated or saddened with how their creation is now. I hope to restore this creation, but the human problem has to be fixed. We are no longer creatures at one with nature as intended by our creator.

The mission is to restore this creation and to fix the human problem before returning home. Surrender to love or perish is making more sense now.




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