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Content Starts Our Lord’s best friend

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Imagination and wonder. Indeed.

Imagine every state in America having large community gardens where hippies can park their vans and camp. We all plant various plants, fruits and vegetables and tend to our gardens as a collective. Togetherness. No one owns anything. We share everything because we have such an abundance of food growing. So much food growing which is more than enough for everyone. No need to collect food to sell as money is no longer a thought. Everything we need is in these gardens. We travel in vehicles that run on solar and atmospheric energy. Intelligence now dominates so we maintain our vehicles ourselves. They use simple mechanisms to allow us to travel with very few working parts. We can grow whatever we desire as there are no more laws. True order without rulers as indoctrination has been corrected. There is no jealousy. There is no envy. The perfect world indeed. 

Fully enlightened hippies can imagine this type of world because we already vibrate on this level. We truly want to serve our fellow man and enjoy creation for what it is.  

Imagine roaming from state to state visiting all of our various gardens. No need to buy land and stay dormant in one spot. Over time there are no more states or countries. Just one big garden oasis across Earth to enjoy.

What happens to the ones in power who we elect when we reach this state of humanity and no longer serve their needs? Who does our elected officials preach to on the television when no one is watching? What do corporate executives have board meetings about when no one buys their products anymore? Who do teachers teach to when they no longer have any students enrolled? What happens when every agency that enforces laws turns on these corrupt politicians? Who is going to serve them at this point? No one. This is true rebellion, exiting this matrix altogether. Imagine cities becoming ghost towns as we form our own communities off-grid with no need for anything outside these communities. Imagine neighborhoods which are now divided by huge 150 acre lots with 150 people living on each lot in a self-sustained community. They will keep us divided, sickly and miserable so we never figure this out. This is why the powers that be keep us fighting each other. The left, right narrative will always keep us divided. We are divided by race and class, every imaginable way possible. The ones in power have us enslaved to this system so they always have an army of humans at their disposal.

With AI humanoid pets in the near future, Humans-R-US will allow humans to be free once again. We must continue to develop AI to a point where we manufacture humanoids for all of our various needs. We can then have overlords of Earth that watch over our creation as humans restore Earth to a former glory. This golden age is now on the horizon. Johnny 5 is indeed alive.

Man’s best friend? Indeed. We now become our Lord’s best friend.

How many worlds has Earth seen before this civilization which we currently reside in? We have so many breeds of dogs. Just imagine what kind of world this was before we tamed and domesticated them. Perhaps, they were created just for our companionship because our creator does love his creation. I feel love in this human vessel. We are immortal light beings, but maybe we choose to incarnate here to enjoy this material world. The gift of forgetting. We come from outside of time and enter time through these human vessels. Time travelers in a way. Think of Earth like an arcade game which we choose to play and then leave when we are done. Water in itself is an intelligent design and a most beautiful creation especially when vibrating with specific frequencies. Earth is conscious and alive. Embrace the magic.

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