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Content Starts The American Party – a one party system

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I don’t really understand politics and the whole two-party system, but it seems to have been invented just to keep us divided so we can label each other conservatives and liberals. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we just had a one party system? There can be all kinds of candidates with all kinds of opposing views, but we would no longer have an excuse to be divided. Everyone represents “The American Party”. There would no longer be a left, right narrative. There would only be upwards. Leaders that don’t argue with each other, but have healthy debates on how we can better serve the citizens of our country. Sometimes I feel like we are living in a movie of some sorts.  America formed from rebellious colonies, we should most definitely go back to that lifestyle before 1776. Just imagine all of us vibing in our own separate worlds. Each colony can have different views of life and ways of living. We no longer force our culture or opinions on how others should live. We can have colonies for each and every way of thinking. It’s a fun dream. What else is there to do while this reset plays out?

Proud Bros. Nation. In Mario, we trust. It’s one big party in New America. Party on Wayne, indeed.

123 International Brigade. Safeguarding our American streets for you and yours. Welcome to New America.


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