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Content Starts Levitation. All-Russian festival of science. October 3, 2014. Novosibirsk City.

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Visitors of a festival of science with own eyes saw the device showing the stabilized levitation of not magnetic object, weighing more than 1 kg. Levitating stones, having risen in air, didn’t move down and didn’t rotate, didn’t fall and didn’t shiver, and found absolute stability. Thanks to this method of stabilization today it became possible creation of transport, steady levitating over an open surface. It is surprising that this technology is obliged by the birth to 1 person who passed all way alone – from supervision of ill-defined effect, through understanding of physical processes, development of methods of influence, stabilization and management, to creation of the working device. The prototype is collected by it alone and on its own means. The state and academy of Sciences doesn’t hurry to support and finance development of this outstanding technology. Development is still carried out by forces of the Novosibirsk inventor – Shepel Denis.

The inventor is interested in serious financial partners. It is ready to sell ready technological decisions and prototypes for ensuring the development.

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