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Content Starts MALDEK: What REALLY Happened

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MALDEK: What REALLY Happened
Copyright 1983 ISBN 0-9540849-4-2
Whether you spell it ‘Maldek’, ‘Maldec’, or ‘Maldeck’ makes no difference, it remains the same story. The
tale, as it has been related here, states that ‘Maldek’ was a planet between ‘Mars’ and ‘Jupiter’ which
evolved in similar fashion to this one, and eventually blew itself to pieces through the use and misuse of
nuclear power. The assumption appears to be that there was some type of warfare involved, although no
specifics are normally given, and that there is a great parallel to what is currently happening here. Within,
through, and from that assumption have developed many claims, utilizing ‘Maldek’ and its supposed fate
as some form of justification or support. From some backhanded validation of the idea of a planetary
evacuation to support for the arguments in refutation of that idea, to an impetus for the protestation of
nuclear development, to an explanation of an otherwise rather puzzling astronomical phenomenon, called
by science here ‘the asteroid belt’, the story of ‘Maldek’ appears many times and has captured a great deal
of attention in many areas for a variety of reasons. It has been determined, therefore, that it would be of
considerable benefit to all concerned to establish the proper facts before there is any further misrepresen-
tation or misinterpretation.
Returning to a time long preceding your current recorded history, also predating the time which your scien-
tists project as the beginning of the existence of the planet itself, this pree-sehm-seh-dee/solar system was
structured in the following manner through what you now call ‘Jupiter’, not listing the moons which
surrounded it or anything beyond it. (For a detailed explanation of the composition of this solar system,
refer to the pamphlet entitled The Solar System, How Others See It.)
First was Vah-deh-kah, or what you now refer to as ‘Mercury’, which has always been im-seh-no-kah/unin-
habitable planet and has never had ed-im-seh/moon. Next was Keh-men, or what you now call ‘Venus’,
and its two moons, Rih-sh and Vih-shet, all habitable, and inhabited, Heh-ven, which you now call ‘Earth’
had three moons — Ri-at, Hi-tee (Moon) and Mahl-deh-koo, and all were inhabited. Ki-ree, which you
now know as ‘Mars’, and its two moons — Pi-zjo and Lyt, were inhabited, but by a different type of
physical structure, the same as that found on Di-men, or what you now call ‘Jupiter
There were two administrative systems in operation within the solar system at that time, one based on Di-
men/Jupiter, which included Ki-ree/Mars and its two moons, as well as its own moon and more beyond,
and one based on Heh-ven/Earth, which included its own moon along with Keh-men/Venus and its moon
and a few others. Heh-ven was the primary administrative system, or principal administration, for the
solar system, a position which extended to the galaxy, and played an important role in the establishing of
direction and maintaining proper flow of understandings. It also provided an excellent learning oppor-
tunity, anywhere within the administrative system, as the leadership was of a more advanced awareness
due to the position of responsibility. (For more specific detail on Heh-ven/Earth and its role, refer to
pamphlet entitled From ‘Heaven’ to ‘Earth’.)
Now, if you have been paying attention, you have already placed ‘Maldek’ and know it was not only not a
planet between Ki-ree/Mars and Di-men/Jupiter, it was not a planet at all. The name was Mahl-deh-koo,
and it was moon of Heh-ven, the largest of the three, and the farthest from the planet in its orbit. One of
its primary functions was direct work with individuals who would travel from other places, of many
diverse environmental balances and differing physical structures, some from rather long distances, others
quite close, to stay for a period of time to study and receive intensive training. The leadership of Mahl-
deh-koo spent a great deal of time in instruction and guidance of these individuals, and the principal lead-
ership of the administrative system, who were based on Heh-ven, would often give specific instruction
and/or discussion time, their availability made more feasible on a regular basis due to the proximity. On
occasion, instructors from Mahl-deh-koo would travel to some of the more distant locations to provide
guidance and understanding to a larger number of individuals at once than could be spared from their
areas of responsibility to make the trip at the same time. Mahl-deh-koo was, therefore, an extremely busy
place, often more so than Heh-ven itself, with visitors and leadership continuously arriving and departing.
an integral functioning part of a highly esteemed and quite important administrative system, it was not, as
has been espoused, merely in the development stages of its evolution. There was no sense of separatism
or conflict, and no reason to be working in any fashion with nuclear power, having technology which far
surpassed that immediately accessible and consistently utilized. There was, also, most definitely the means
by which to evacuate themselves, had that been the desire, and had there been sufficient time.
Now you are asking ‘So, how did it get destroyed, and how did it get from where it was to where it is? Why
do so many seem to get verification of the story as it stands?’ These are the questions this pamphlet is
designed to answer.
At a point of time within the ongoing process of Existence, the Primary Master of Energy vanished from the
functioning process. Reaction to this occurrence was varied, and it created a period of disagreement as to
how things should be allowed or directed to progress from there. During this period there was constructed
a rather disturbing combination of energies, compiled to perform a specific task at the immediate time.
Once this was set on its own to perform, however, it became totally unmanageable and began to wreak
immense havoc on anything which attracted its attention. This conglomeration was known as Ah-loo-cee-
vah (Lucifer), an adulteration which could not be considered an individual, but which did have the ability
to function autonomously and the capability to cause extensive damage in many ways to anything with
which it made contact. Within the ongoing disagreement, the attention of Ah-loo-cee-vah was directed to
Heh-ven, and it descended on the planet and, most particularly, its immediate surroundings, although the
entire solar system was included, like a raging fury, utilizing both physical and non-physical energies and
power, with absolutely no forewarning.
A physical force of more than 24,000, undetected until they had practically reached their destination, all
prepared to battle on non-physical as well as physical levels, and a few strictly non-physical energy power
forces comprised the attacking force. The moment this massive force was detected, the summons to battle
was issued throughout the solar system, with request for assistance communicated on an emergency basis
to areas which were not too distant and to Kay-ven-or, the principal administration for the major section
of physical manifestation within which this solar system resides. There was no thought of evacuation,
only of defense and the defending forces began to leave the ground within minutes of the initial summons.
The attacking force was met at its points of entry into the solar system with a defending force of approxim-
ately half the size, with others still leaving the ground. It became quite clear very early that the attackers
were intent merely on destruction, that the extent of the force and power behind and with them had not
been adequately calculated, and that the attack had been obviously well planned and its execution would
not be easily halted.
Defenders and attackers alike were disintegrating by the dozens as reinforcements and additions to the
defense force continued to arrive. Many were finding it difficult to continue the physical battle as the
insidious non-physical energy drainage being utilized began to sap their energies. The main core of the
attacking force was shielded by a composition of force-fields that were practically impenetrable, any
bombardment merely being incorporated into and strengthening the shield, being then used as a connection
to the source of the bombardment to draw and drain the energy from it. Most of the defenders had not
been exposed to this concept yet in the their training, and those who had knew that the ‘winner’ in such a
competition was the one with the greatest force.
Within a matter of approximately twenty minutes, although to some it seemed like hours, the majority of
the main core of the attackers began to turn their attention more to the planet and moons. Much of what
transpired in the battle for the ground was not, strictly speaking, intentional, although it was not actually
accidental. A magnetic field disruptive force was trained on Keh-men, unbalancing the inner stability of
the planet and rendering it nearly impossible for the ground-based defense to maintain proper trajectory
or sighting. The ground forces of Rye-aht, responding to the situation, provided the bombardment of the
attackers. The utilization of the same absorb-and-draw technique employed with the defending ven-ohs-
chah/vehicle locked into the internal energies of the moons and drew them to the surface with such force
and speed that it could not withstand it and exploded. This intensified the force trained on Keh-men and
sent the planet into a rapid and erratic spin, threatening its ability to maintain orbit. For the period that
physical life remained, which was very brief, those physically present on the planet attempted to work with
those non-physically responsible for its maintenance to prevent its spinning completely off course and
adding to the destruction and chaos. The attackers turned their attention to Mahl-deh-koo, which was
attempting to utilize a drawing force on their energies similar to what they had been employing without
drawing the energy into the moon, through refraction and dispersal. In retaliation, the attackers destroyed
the refraction process, and sufficient energy was drawn into the moon itself to cause it to explode from the
Rye-aht and Vish-et also exploded, while Hi-tee (our moon) suffered much the same fate as Keh-men. Rah-
lo-veh-shee Ah-rhon-di-airh (Ee-rhon-dareh by familiar reference), the principal leader of Heh-ven, sealed
and submerged the main library, then dedicated all of his attention and energy on all levels to draw and
disperse the energy of the attackers, utilizing his own as the carrier rather than afford them the opportunity
to draw in return, until he had completely dissipated his own. In the attempts of the attackers to retaliate
and end the draw, both Pi-zjo and Lyt were destroyed. Heh-ven itself was submitted to the magnetic dis-
ruption, but it was not intensified by any other occurrence, and the energy of the main core of attackers
was redirected and drawn down before any further damage was done.
The entire process, through the total essence existence sacrifice of Ee-rhon-dareh, transpired in approx-
imately one hour. Assisting reinforcement from outside the solar system had arrived at varying stages
throughout the main battle, depending on distance, those from Kay-ven-or arriving immediately after
Ee-rhon-dareh made his sacrifice. With the energy having been decreased from the main core of the
attack force, and under the direction of the principal leader of Kay-ven-or, cessation of the attack through-
out the solar system was accomplished in very little time, following which some of the individuals from
Heh-ven were taken to Kay-ven-or. Due to the unique situation, non-physical, overall responsibility for
maintaining balance of the solar system as a whole was given to an individual of a much greater awareness
and ability than is normally necessary to maintain one small solar system, and the same was done for Heh-
ven itself. The positions of administrative responsibility which had been held by Heh-ven were reassigned
that of principal administration of the solar system allocated to Di-men and that of principal adminis-
tration of the galaxy allocated to the other side of the galaxy, to Den-oh-varh. Plans were then begun
between Kay-ven-or and Di-men, and those with the non-physical responsibilities for maintaining balance
and stability of and within the solar system, how to proceed in re-establishing order.
The initial recommendation of the one who had been assigned responsibility for the solar system was to
remove the majority of the debris, most particularly the larger fragments, and to realign the orbits of that
which remained in closer proximity to each other, as the balance could not be maintained with the extent
of unoccupied space. With his assistance, the erratic spinning of Keh-men and Hi-tee was calmed suffic-
iently to enable those with specific responsibility for them to preserve solidarity and maintain a semblance
of proper orbit, while those who had been responsible for the moons destroyed diligently monitored and
labored to ensure the shattered remnants did not become an excessive hazard to what remained, with phy-
sical assistance from several individuals from Di-men. Through assessment of the situation as a whole, the
compromise agreed upon was to realign the orbits of everything from Hi-tee inward, the area most
affected creating a space between Ki-ree and Di-men, and to deposit the debris in that space, maintaining a
basic composite mass-balance for the solar system, thereby requiring less realignment from Di-men out-
The actual process of moving debris and realigning orbits was a carefully coordinated effort between the
physical and non-physical capabilities and responsibilities, executed over a period of approximately six-
teen years. Each segment of the operation necessitated all other segments related to the same rebalancing
aspect be done either simultaneously or at a precisely predetermined time thereafter to ensure the balance
for continued functioning of the whole was maintained. As the debris was moved out and orbits brought
into closer proximity, continued adjustment was made to the erratic spins of Keh-men and Hi-tee, until a
stability was reached which allowed for continuation in the newly established orbital paths and with the
uninhabitable conditions which remained. Two fragments of Lyet were allowed to remain in the orbital
paths they had established around Ki-ree, assisting the balance by maintaining a degree of mass and
motion within an area which had suddenly become unnaturally empty and still. The largest fragments of
debris were moved carefully into the space created between Ki-ree and Di-men, with continual monitoring
to ensure there was not excessive mass or motion being generated in this new area for the corresponding
balance in the remainder of the solar system at any particular time. Although much of the mass had disin-
tegrated at the time of explosion, some fragments had already descended on the planet and moon
remaining, and some were so small as to be easier disintegrated than moved, leaving greatly less in total
mass or balance volume than the six moons from which the debris had come, it remained a constant con-
sideration that what had been properly balanced distribution was being consolidated into much less space
in much different fashion in attempt to counterbalance that which had not changed to the same degree.
Once the major movement and realignment was completed and a basic stability was reached, a continuing
monitoring and stability maintenance system was established. Regardless of careful planning and pains-
taking execution, the solar system remained imbalanced, and shifts in that imbalance, in any area for any
reason, could endanger the entire unit. The single most imbalanced area within the solar system was Heh-
ven itself, due to the disruptive forces to which it had been subjected, accentuated by the orbital realign-
ment both of itself and of that which remained in proximity to it, most particularly Hi-tee. In order to
enable it to retain its ability to sustain life, however, it was required to allow it to complete its adjustments
on its own, with a stabilizing hand being maintained by the one assigned responsibility for it. It was
known, therefore, that continuing shifts would be occurring, and all possible was established to enable
timely and proper adjustment when they did occur. It was also known that Ah-loo-cee-varh had settled its
energies around Heh-ven, although relatively quiescent due to the depletion from the battle, that the com-
plete removal from existence of this adulterated composite was required to await the return of the Primary
Master of Energy, and that any attempt to extract and evict it from the planet would only further accentu-
ate those imbalances, endangering the planet, the entire solar system, and most probably, more beyond. It
was, therefore, determined most practical to maintain close watch, work with individuals physically
present on the planet in whatever possible fashions, and make further determinations as time progressed.
Several of those taken from Heh-ven to Kay-ven-or immediately following the battle had made request to
return and assist in the rebuilding and attempt to work with the situation, for which permission was
granted once the realignment was completed. (For further information regarding Heh-ven, its part in the
battle, the aftermath and devolution, refer to pamphlet entitled From ‘Heaven’ to ‘Earth’, regarding Ah-
loo-cee-varh, its beginning, effect on Existence, most particularly Heh-ven, and its final destruction, refer
to pamphlet entitled The Story of ‘Lucifer’, regarding non-physical balance and maintenance responsi-
bilities of sections within physical manifestation, and delineation of those sections, refer to pamphlet
entitled Physical Manifestation, Its Structure and Maintenance.)
This is what happened to Mahl-deh-koo, how it was destroyed and how what remains of it came to be where
it is. Where then, did the story of ‘Maldek’ originate, and why have so many seemed to receive validation
of it?
The actual origins of the story are, in fact, immaterial, the suppositions and hypotheses regarding a ‘planet’
in that position, whether named or nameless, have been passed through the scientific and general popu-
lation for many years. Whomever determined the name ‘Maldek’ was close but ‘close’ remains improper,
and there all similarity ceases. The question might well be raised that, if there are pieces of six different
objects out there, why was ‘Maldek’ chosen, and why has no one postulated anything different?
As to the first part of the question, the answer may be any one or combination of the following. First,
Mahl-deh-koo was the largest of the moons destroyed. Second, it was very well known and highly
regarded during its functioning time. Third, it was known as a base of understanding where resided
a large number of excellent instructors and where one could turn for guidance. Fourth, there are a
number of individuals who were there at the time who have cycled back in here since in attempt to
assist in whatever fashion they were able. In examining the affect any of these could have on the initial
attempt to label this mysterious ‘planet’, it is quite obvious. If an individual were prepared to discover
only a single name, he would quite likely encounter the largest, or most well-known, prior to any others
and stop, considering his search complete. If he was considering assistance in understanding upon
beginning his search, he would very possibly discover the interconnection between understanding and
Mahl-deh-koo and consider that the resolution to his quest. If he were an individual who was physically
present on Mahl-deh-koo at the time the destruction occurred, it would be the most familiar to him. Any
or all of these factors could well account for the choice of label, the incorrectness in transliteration being a
direct result of lack of conscious familiarity with the proper language and sound. If Eh k’entoo were
physically, consciously known here, as it is elsewhere, there would not be the current misconceptions
regarding many subjects, of which ‘Maldek’ is merely one minor example.
To the second part of the question, the answer is quite simple. No one has postulated anything different
because no one has been attempting to discover anything different. This directly relates to the idea of the
wide amount of validation of the story as it has stood, and to the extent of the misinterpretation. To
understand this, it is necessary to trace the story forward from its early construction. As previously stated,
the idea of a ‘planet’ in that position has been a subject of discussion and hypothesis for many years,
beginning with the basic fact of the ‘space’ between ‘Mars’ and ‘Jupiter’ and extending further when the
first fragments were seen. It has, therefore, been a thought generated many times in various ways.
Thoughts are energy in action, and the more times the same or similar thoughts are projected, the more
tangible and confirmed they become. This idea, then, had a solid foundation of thought behind it for a
period of time prior to the first presentation of the name. The originator of the name was most probably
not specifically looking for a label to place on this ‘fragmented planet’, although he might have been, but
was more likely wondering if there was any validity to the idea. Considering the idea he was attempting
to validate, that there was an object which exploded, it is not surprising that what part of the actual story
the conscious mind could understand and retain served as an excellent validation of the definition already
present in the thinking. With that, the ‘fragmented planet’ acquired a name, and a strong validating
thought force. The more the idea was accepted, the stronger the thought force became, but the entire
story received its largest and strongest impetus from the development of atomic and nuclear power.
Prior to that time, the idea of ‘a planet exploding’ was extremely unrealistic to the vast majority of people,
but the development of nuclear power made it quite possible. What had been only a vague idea that the
conscious mind could not quite comprehend or believe had become something it could parameterize and
explain, and fear. Emotion is the force which gives tangibility to the energies of thought, and fear is the
strongest of the conscious mind emotionalisms, thereby placing the greatest force behind whatever
conscious thought is generated with or from it. Fear of nuclear holocaust has been present within the
thinking of people here since the initial development of the ability for it, and there have been continual
searches for ways in which to adequately present effective arguments against continued development and
proliferation. The story of ’Maldek’, explained in light of nuclear holocaust causing its fate, suddenly
became such a possibility and began to be more widely presented in that fashion. The fear in the thinking
of those presenting it gave strength and further definition to the already existing thoughts on the subject,
which then linked themselves with other fear-generated thoughts regarding nuclear power, thus expand-
ing to an excessive degree in very short time the apparent reality of the story. Those seeking validation did
not need to search any farther than the thought force within the environment, and most did not, thus
obtaining their validation quickly and adding their own strengthening force to that already present by their
acceptance of it.
Most who seek answers through non-physical means, here, have no real knowledge of or training in that
which they are attempting to accomplish, and actually do not search beyond that which is the closest and/
or strongest force of impression. Many times, this is merely the strongest thought force within the envi-
ronment, or the most acceptable or believable to the conscious mind doing the searching, and, since there
has been no training here of how to properly shield and contain one’s thoughts, there is a continual
barrage of them passing into the environment on a constant basis, on a vast variety of subjects. Those
generated with emotion and those most widely accepted are the strongest, most prevalent, and, therefore,
most easily and most often validated.
As previously mentioned, the environmentally accepted story of ‘Maldek’ has been utilized in many ways as
justification and/or support for a stated position. Although the truth about Mahl-deh-koo can and does
explain the phenomenon which originated the question the story of ‘Maldek; initially attempted to answer,
that of ‘the asteroid belt’, it cannot be used to justify, validate, or support the types of claims being made
or stories being told most recently. One of the original contributing objects to ‘the asteroid belt’, Mahl-
deh-koo was not the only one, neither began nor ended its existence where its fragments now reside, and,
although it most certainly did explode, there was no nuclear power nor self-perpetuated conflict involved
in its destruction. Separatism, self-perpetuated conflict and nuclear proliferation here must cease, but
Mahl-deh-koo cannot be claimed an example of the end result of continuation of such destructive ideas.
The imbalances here very probably would not withstand a major nuclear holocaust, which could endanger
the entire solar system, and continual monitoring is being done, but not in the ways which have been
recently postulated and not for the purpose of evacuation. Evacuation is an extremely minor contingency
possibility which is much more probable not to occur, and, were it to be performed, would not include the
entire population and would be for a period not exceeding five to seven years. Using the normally accep-
ted story of ‘Maldek’ to justify evacuation claims is rather puzzling, but appears to derive from the idea
of imbalance, which is much more clearly understandable through the truth than the misrepresentation, but
has no relation whatsoever to evacuation in any case. The use of the idea of non-evacuation of Mahl-deh-
koo as support of arguments in refutation of evacuation claims, however, has about the same validity as
the idea of angels residing on clouds — absolutely none. Refute evacuation claims, but out of sense, logic,
commitment to the responsibilities to be performed here, and through proper facts, answers, and under-
standing, not through use of a rather misinterpreted and misrepresented story.
Obtain the proper facts. Learn the proper language for communication and Records access, how to avoid
being confused between Reality and strong environmental and/or conscious mind thought forces and
desires. Receive clear and correct messages and understandings. Search for Truth. You have a True
Self, but it is not waiting to be given or revealed to you aboard a spaceship or to be rejoined ‘on the other
side’ after you physically die. Stop waiting for someone or something to solve your problems and begin
taking responsibility for yourself, your actions, your thinking, and the mission you are here to accomplish.
The assistance you have searched and cried for is here, but it will not be merely given to you as your pre-
conceived ideas have parameterized, with no effort on your part. You must make the commitment to
relinquish your preconceptions, parameters, pictures, posturings, and wish dreams and open yourself to
that which is being provided. It begins with your commitment to yourself to understand.
From original pamphlet Maldek: What REALLY Happened omitting Eh k’entoo and substituting phonetic
sound for better understanding.
Can be ordered in original format with Eh k’entoo — dated 20 February 2011 from
AWAKENING AWARENESS, P.O.Box 1865, Prescott, Arizona 86302, U.S.A.
Email: [email protected]

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