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I was reading the Democratic Telegraph and Texas Register, and felt compelled to share an article I found. Newspapers published interesting facts for their communities back then most definitely. Here is a snippet from the March 15, 1847 edition.

A Wild Swan — In March, 1845, a wild swan visited the neighborhood of Lowry’s Lake, and it having been observed that the desired to abide in that locality, the late Mr. McWilliams procured a female from a neighboring county and had her placed on the lake. Thus coupled, in the course of time there were four cygnets, the whole family being regularly fed by Mr. James Wilkin, of Lakeview, up to the commencement of the late frost, when he found it impracticable. Missing her regular allowance, the female forsook her brood, and came direct to Mr. Wilkin’s kitchen, where she was fed, after which attempt was made to drive her back to the lake, but in vain; she resisted, literally rolling on her back, so that she was allowed to remain. On Friday last, when the thaw set in, the fugitive went back to her family, and on the following morning returned with the whole flock to the kitchen door, where they waited until they were fed. The wild swan never attempted to leave his mate, and has become quite domesticated.


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