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I felt compelled to share a newspaper article from the Texas National Register – March 15, 1845 edition, Vol. 1, No. 15. We know some humans especially Native Americans lack the enzyme to properly break down alcohol. Apparently, it was an epidemic with alcohol killing Natives back then. My mission is to end hatred in this country. The hatred has to end now.

Indian Affairs — A number of petitions have been presented to the Legislature of Missouri, that make a loud call on the justice and philanthropy of the members. One is from the United States Superintendent of Indian Affairs, one from citizens of Jackson county, and others from the Indian tribes on our borders, and all earnestly soliciting the passage of laws to prevent and punish the sale of liquor to the Indians on our frontier. The red men are fast being exterminated by the fire-water sold to them by white men in violation of law. The laws of the United States are severe against those who sell liquor to Indians in the Indian territory, and the Indians themselves have enacted strong laws to prevent the introduction of ardent spirits into their tribes, but still these laws and regulations are habitually evaded and violated by unprincipled traders on the frontier. For the sake of a little gain, they would annihilate whole tribes of Indians, and sacrifice the peace of the frontier settlements. All the efforts to civilize and Christianize the Indians, are defeated by the efforts of these traders, and the co-operation of our State authorities is needed in aid of the efforts of our General Government and of the Indian chiefs. The most rigid laws should be enacted to prevent the laws from being violated by persons living in this State, and the most vigilant care should be taken to detect offenders and enforce the laws when made. Missouri and Arkansas should pass stern laws on this subject, and make such provisions as will ensure their faithful execution. As the subject is now before our Legislature, we hope that they will take such action in the matter as will be creditable to the State, and serve the cause of humanity. — St. Louis paper.


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