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One consciousness, one love.

Content Starts God=Universe Jesus=Consciousness

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Have you ever imagined a society where there are no government entities dictating authority? A society of individuals who thrive in solitude and only know how to be authentic. I often daydream of these things and want to create a garden of Eden of sorts right here on Earth before I depart. I will call it the Mushroom Kingdom. We will build a mote around this property and start our own bustling city. We will have a mayor and will place a heavy emphasis on developing warriors.

I have surrendered to truth. I have surrendered to love. I am on a mission to awaken others and spread love as much as possible before this human body ceases to live. We must start with our children. We must help them conquer their fears early in life. Living with no fear and learning the power of solitude is the key to happiness. We will discover our collective true purpose and calling in life. We will thrive without any outside assistance. Imagine an entire society of these types of individuals. I can.

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