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If you are human, develop self-discipline and learn to only eat foods from the above chart. If you want admittance to the Mushroom Kingdom, we only accept alkaline powered humans.

We can thank a man named Alfredo Bowman for this amazing discovery. He went by the name of Dr. Sebi, but did not follow government authority when using that title in your name. You can google old news and see the Supreme Court case he won back in the 1980’s during the AIDS epidemic, but he still died in prison in Honduras accused of money laundering. Do not be sad though, he has given humanity an amazing gift and we can honor this legacy left behind as we build our Mushroom Kingdom together.

Dr. Sebi believed acidity is the root cause of all disease. Keeping your blood’s pH level alkaline reverses any disease and allows the body to activate, learn and heal itself extinguishing any parasites, viruses, etc upon entry. Remember, disease is man-made.

I recommend starting with juicing broccoli daily to replace meat if you are still asleep and vibrating low. Blackberries are amazing for energy. Replace your energy drink with a pint of blackberries and go bananas.

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