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I value feedback as my mind will forever remain open. My consciousness grows stronger each day while in human form. Suffering is joy as I have finally broken my bondage in this lifetime. Enlightened humans have true freedom on Earth as a parallel society does in fact currently exist.

This Mushroom Kingdom I envision already exists and I wish to have admittance possessing the 3 key traits that are instilled from birth in my Mushroom Kingdom. I understand the screening process as I patiently await and build my legacy. Serving others who are enlightened brings me great joy. Please extract me from this insanity.

  1. Intelligence.
  2. Consciousness.
  3. Marxist.

I am a tough guy that is tuned in to the frequency of love but understand many will perish due to failed indoctrination methods imposed upon humans. I understand the duality of love and wish to continue my journey into the cosmos.

My DNA set is quite valuable for your gene pool. I wish to contribute to this society as I can help advance it in new and unique ways for the betterment of all mankind. I kindly await your response.

One thing I will not miss about this version of the internet, human verification. True marxist men need not worry about such feeble matters.

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