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Content Starts Nature’s multivitamin

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It has become quite clear how therapeutic consuming the yolks of eggs can be. We do not consume the albumen of the egg. Boil your eggs and discard the albumen consuming only the yolk. You may ask why only duck and quail eggs? These eggs are alkaline-forming and they have earned their freedom here in the Mushroom Kingdom. They shall lay eggs freely and will stand their ground if they do not want you near them. Survival of the fittest folks, these guys lay magic. We shall not consume flesh except when deemed worthy in the Mushroom Kingdom.

Level up from veganism and join the ranks of Marxists such as myself and become fully alkaline-powered. Remember, consciousness does not form until the trifecta occurs. Albumen, yolk, love. Our ducks and quails will let you know when NOT to touch their eggs.

Remember, the cholesterol in egg yolks is good for your body as it is loaded with nutrients. Egg whites offer very little nutritional value other than protein and should be avoided.
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