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Content Starts Duality in America

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When dreaming of the American dream from afar, keep in mind the invisible prison most Americans are subjected to and the invisible parallel societies across America. If you are smart and diverse, you can indeed live free in America. You will need to live on the West Coast where nature is no longer outlawed. So many Americans dream of being free like folks in California, but you can live like an elitist with very little money. You may ask how? Live within your means and do not fall victim to the spell of consumerism. Buy a van and convert it to a camper. The outdoors is your living room. Find passions and develop hobbies. Invent ways to make money for yourself, be your own boss. Money does in fact grow on trees. Lavender and cacti are wonderful cash crops. Stop chasing materialism and start living now. Do not become dependent upon the government. We have let the government become way too powerful. I want to be protected when I’m sleeping, other than that, I have no need for authority. Do you?

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