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Content Starts Live Stream Channel

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I am constructing a Linux server which will be the home of my live stream channel. I will be mounting an exterior camera on each of our school buses that will stay focused directly on the sun as we travel the country. This live feed will be streamed from New America 24/7 utilizing 5g technologies so the stream is constant. More details to come after I purchase the required camera. I plan to invest a significant amount into this project as the Sun is very important to me.

***update 05.22.2020

I will be creating a new app which will be perfect for the new Cyberpunks of America. This game will require you to equip at least one camera which will then talk to the app which then talks to streaming your feed with everyone else. This will be a very active project and a great way to interact with everyone in nature. I will be building these very low-cost devices that will easily clip to various objects. I will also make clothing attire that will incorporate these technologies merged with orgonite. Everything will come in different fashions and I will accept special orders and requests. We will connect with everyone across the globe as we explore nature and invent new games using GPS and the stars. More to follow in the coming months.

***update 06.01.2020

We will have many cameras streaming our interactions with the wild heathens of America as we gather the others that we identify as warriors. I will stream my interactions with the homeless as I work in my food truck. We plan to have many live feeds from across the globe. I will invest significantly to cover the bandwidth for everyone over time. 5g will allow all of this to happen until we have our own satellites as I plan to have at least one satellite in orbit in my name before this human vessel ceases to live.

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