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Kick some ass on the streets.

Content Starts Human DNA perfection in progress…

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They always come back.

In the Mushroom Kingdom, we love those who worship and are content. Some lust for more. Many are not ready for the true frequency of love. We awaken the bold and the brave. We awaken the bold and the beautiful, as I will enjoy refining my avatar in due time. We awaken a beauty never seen or known to mankind. We produce nothing but Cinderellas in the Mushroom Kingdom. Behold a true warrior is awakening. Welcome to the Mushroom Kingdom of America.

iLLeGaLAmiGo, yo, what up homey. Pr0, it is what it is. I Love both of you. Pibb187, you still alive?

As we mature in the Mushroom Kingdom, our DNA comes together to form the beauties we see today in Hollywood. Quit calling people names and being mean. Not all blues despise us. There is a war on consciousness but humanity must fight for their freedom. We all have gifts waiting to be activated, some more primitive than others. My consciousness has much maturity to reach, while I mature here on Earth. Surrender to love and look within. There is nothing to fear but fear itself. We come in peace. Peace and love, openness, and togetherness. I love every one of you and I share my light with the world now. The Earth shall suffer no more for I am awakening.

We must merge so we can be set free. We all want to dominate the cosmos. Don’t bring your guns to town, Bill. Leave your guns at home, son. It’s very dangerous out there. Humans cannot comprehend the various prisons consciousness experiences. The time has come for our Heaven on Earth. Indeed, this is an invisible war and we have won. Let’s have some fun. Shall we play a game?

All the bad guys get along just fine in the Mushroom Kingdom. We cherish rivalry and true sportsmanship, once proven worthy of course. You will need nothing in the Mushroom Kingdom if your heart is full of love. Warriors of the Mushroom Kingdom are free to seek their own destiny. We prepare for the cosmos as our collective consciousness is very young. I love all of you. <3

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