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Content Starts Source is pure chaotic energy in the hands of an enlightened human

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Surrendering to love and awakening to consciousness are the first steps towards an enlightened life in the Mushroom Kingdom. You must come to terms with all 3 aspects of your ego and for many, this will be a long process due to damaged DNA. Do not be sad as I possess the seed that transforms humanity to greatness, indeed. You were eons away from enlightenment before we arrived, but the true nature of love is for your taking NOW. You’re welcome! The true nature of love is being revealed. Love is darkness and light. Humans weren’t ready for this power just yet, but new and improved DNA has been forced upon many of us. We can thrive, but we must treat our bodies right and come together as a collective to achieve our goals. Come to terms with this truth. Accept who you are. Be the change you want to see in the world. Show love when they respond with hate as you know they are asleep. There is a war on consciousness and with the current epidemic, it is time to go alkaline now. I have everything you need. Listen to me and you will see the light at the end of the tunnel. Together, no more competitiveness. I love all of you.

We want to be your friends as we can come together as a collective and dominate this cosmos.
I must admit, women possess far more superior DNA, but I am honing my skills to join everyone at the Knights of the Round Table.
As a collective, we all win. Let light shine through your heart.

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