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Content Starts My sincerest apologies

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I have been living in my own world in this lifetime, and this era of being asleep as a human has allowed much suffering across this beautiful planet. My consciousness chose this realm where humanity has been greatly tampered with. I applaud the amount of shadow work invested to create the beauty we see here today on Earth. I will enjoy many lifetimes here as I plan to stay as long as I am allowed to allowing my consciousness to grow stronger. Born as a human with an asleep consciousness, to asleep parents is a cosmic crime. I wish to express my remorse as this has been a very dark time for humanity. My consciousness has had much karma to work with as I continue surrendering to love. I am here to serve all of you. It brings me great joy to be amongst other warriors of the cosmos. Humanity has experienced much suffering in recent centuries due to my deficiencies, as I chose this vessel knowing the pain I would endure while in human form. I am now awakening and the era of love is upon us. Behold the Mushroom Kingdom. I love all of you so much. Humans will be coming together over the next few centuries to discover the cosmos as a collective. All one!

The spirit of Kurt Cobain shall forever remain alive in the Mushroom Kingdom.
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