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Growing up watching CHiPs and Police Academy 4, I often daydream of being an alternative officer of love hellbent on helping others awaken to see the light they possess. I have very little patience for the asleep. Failed indoctrination methods imposed upon humans for generations have brought this downfall. This man has a dream to restore America to a brighter glory than 1776. Many will perish, but it is their own ignorance that placed them in this predicament.

We now have smart people in power who truly place people and the planet before profits. We will see society divide across America over the next decade. Remember, it is an invisible prison you are subjected to. Raise warriors. Seek knowledge. Never let children lose their creative and imaginative spark. Ground with Earth to stay balanced at all times. Rise with the Sun and rest when it sets. So many different types of humans that roam the Earth. Enough with conditioning everyone to be the same. I want to see a society where every single person is as unique as they can imagine. No holds barred. Alkaline up, juice up on some THC distillate, and consume the Golden Teacher. You will begin to rewind all the years of conditioning and awaken the child-like mind so many of us have forgotten so many years ago. I love all of you.

Everyone to the Mushroom Kingdom. Police Academy 4 is indeed alive. All one!

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