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As we travel in our school bus from town to town enlightening all the weirdos, we must stay strictly alkaline as time will reveal cataclysmic energy from these very hands. How about we create a party barge network between Alaska and Russia to link our nations in love? To be continued…

As citizens on patrol in the Mushroom Kingdom, we value enforcement of love.

Look for the red food truck in the shape of a mushroom.

The children shall remain children in the Mushroom Kingdom, unless deemed worthy to awaken.

Experiencing Earth in human form as a child is bliss and should not be tampered with unless we have deemed them a warrior. Devour is to empower. Working as a leader in the food service industry, I connect with youth and influence them to become stars and to always place people and planet before profits.

To be a civilized adult is truly evil in itself. Let’s quit judging others and focus on our own inner peace. The optimal version of human is a child-like mind. They look at the Earth with wonder and amazement.

Our Sun in this matrix is something we should always show our love and gratitude towards. We are destined to be stars ourselves as we develop and grow our consciousness here on Earth. Help our Sun see the world the way you want to see it. Make sure you have fully surrendered to love first.

I am my own higher power, learn to properly define yourself each step of the way as you level all the way to 8 as we conquer Bowser together.

We can learn a lot about true humanity from the behaviors of a 3 year old child. Believe me, the ones in true power know this. The true beauty of humanity is children. Surrender to love or perish.

Earth is a destination of sorts for consciousness. This came to me while showing love and praise to our Sun. Thank our sun for this world. We understand the duality of love and wish to make our own destination for consciousness. Mine is the Mushroom Kingdom, what’s yours?

In human form, sun is our source of life. Consciousness has no home. We create. We inspire. We influence. What else do we do with nothing? Please enlighten me. Welcome to nirvana.

To thrive as a human requires a very old and very strong soul. Earth is a breeding ground for stars. Where do you want to shine?

Listen up kid, alkaline-up or perish.

We shall build the world’s largest water park here in due time.

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