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Love is all you need.

Content Starts Always think positive thoughts about your loved ones

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As I continue in my awakening, I am learning just how powerful our thoughts really are. We project realities. We project light over consciousness that we feel a connection with. Rid your mind of negativity. Fill it with joy. Surrender to love. Train your mind to always think and imagine positive and happy thoughts about your circumstances in life and to project positive thoughts especially when you think of your loved ones.

There may be entities on Earth that read our thoughts loud and clear and are able to steal or corrupt this data just like we use a computer. I prefer to stay high vibing only, but this is definitely a transition phase for me as I detox my body from years of eating acidic foods. I feel this gift I have as a human is a gift all of us have, but we have been conditioned to keep our minds asleep for far too long. Keep dreaming. Dream big. Fantasize all you want. Practice makes perfect. If you are worried about a loved one, stop worrying now. Love is all you need. <333

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