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Content Starts Anxiety drives the human vessel like a compass

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This is the first post I will be categorizing into, Source, as I build these into full blogs later on. After speaking to a friend and feeling my intuition agrees, anxiety is nature’s way of letting us know we need to shift gears on how we are spending energy. Follow your heart and let your forcefield guide the way as I say.

16th St. Mall. The lesson of the duality of love. Denver is a great city to come up but respect the affluent and elite who have earned our respect and panhandle in assigned areas. Please have dignity when showcasing your talents.

Libido drives low-vibrational humans very easily. Planting seeds that ignite libido allows you to mind-control humans very easily once you really get in their heads with your spells. I plan to master this over time as I feel my consciousness is very aggressive as it wants to steer me using different senses this human vessel has to offer. Illuminating darkness one warrior at a time is how this saga unfolds. I am beginning to become finely tuned with my subconsciousness intent. 123 and we will all be set free.

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