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Content Starts From rags to riches

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We indeed have the most capital compared to most other nations, but this comes at a grave cost. Asleep adults are nothing more than trained apes. K-12 indoctrination basically trains humans on how to function asleep. Kids rebel and reject the indoctrination, but asleep parents force their ways upon them. Don’t become another debt slave feeding the machine. We have the most enslaved citizens compared to any other country. This slavery is an invisible servitude which many are happy to defend. They don’t want you to know you can be happy with no money. Materialism is a spell they put upon you to want more and more. I can help break this spell. We will work together as a collective and enjoy every moment of the day. We will grow our food and medicine so we thrive without the need for money. True warriors have no need for money as it will naturally come to us as needed. I look forward to meeting all of you when we begin our caravan adventure together through America.

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