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Content Starts The Spanish flu pandemic of 1918

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I am writing this to help enlighten my fellow man, but remember this is the opinion of one human so please be cautious and do your own research.

We allowed a new regime to take over America in 1918 disconnecting all of us from nature. We have been enslaved for over 100 years, but no more. We are stamped with our slave number at birth and injected with vaccines to keep our minds asleep and autistic so they can feed us toxic pills to comply with the K-12 indoctrination forming us into successful debt slaves feeding the machine. No more of this bullshit. We will be doing our own thing here in America as we find strength in numbers. I love all of you. Surrender to love or perish.

As your leader, I will help you break free from the spell set upon us back in 1918. Materialism, consumerism, and libido. I shall set all my spectrum warriors free as we force the streets purple forever striking fear in the sleepers.

Before the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918, Americans consumed cannabis extract for most ailments. Much propaganda was released to help us think of nature as being evil. Thanks to the modern health crusade, we have forgotten nature and consume toxic pills on a daily basis. Let’s remember there was no ICU in hospitals before 1918. Humans have become very sickly being disconnected from cannabis for over 100 years. We have very volatile and angry humans roaming around. These humans are disconnected from one another and have very little family values. We must change how we indoctrinate our children before it’s too late.

Americans were tough before this virus in 1918. We stood our ground and used nature to balance our bodies and minds. We have forgotten our past. Simply Google what your local druggist prescribed to Americans before 1918.

Let’s remember all disease is in fact man-made from poor nutrition. We now know that simply following an alkaline diet is key to longevity. High blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, mood disturbances are all symptoms of poor nutrition. Simply eat more foods from the following PDF and work on not consuming the flesh of other animals. We can enjoy fish and other game meat, but let’s not eat flesh 3 times a day. If you want to consume the flesh, you kill the animal yourself. Do NOT support commercial farming as these animals suffer from the moment they are born. Boycott fast food. Go buy a pound of seeded grapes when you need fast food. Add hemp hearts to everything.

The key to a long healthy life free of pills and modern medicine. As far as treating your mental health, all you need is cannabis extract and microdose amounts of psilocybin mushrooms. We should have psilocybin in public water, not fluoride as fluoride is a neurotoxin that goes straight to our pineal glands. Doctors are trained under this modern health legacy and simply do not know how to treat without pills. There are doctors that treat with nutrition but they are rare. There is an invisible war on consciousness that has been going on for over 100 years. It is time to awaken and embrace the New Earth unfolding before our very eyes.

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