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Content Starts Air conditioners are a result of human enslavement

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The first modern air conditioner was invented in 1902 by Willis Haviland Carrier, a skilled engineer who began experimenting with the laws of humidity control to solve an application problem at a printing plant in Brooklyn, NY.

In my opinion, we use air conditioners entirely too much. I like to feel at one with nature and only see myself needing an air conditioner when traveling throughout the cosmos. The way I see it, capitalism is not compatible with humans resulting in the destruction of the family working unit and community. New America will bring the family working unit back. We will be creating tribes that become our extended families on our communes. I will help everyone discover the natural entrepreneurial spirit within. You may look at pictures of humans from the past and wonder how they were comfortable without an air conditioner wearing all that clothing. Centuries ago, humans were alkaline and felt perfectly fine at one with nature. Humans are nature and feel comfortable with the temperature Earth provides. The modern diet creates overheated stinky humans basically. Let me help reverse the damage done to your bodies from a lifetime of poor nutrition.

Humans are meant to be barefoot so we can absorb the gifts Earth provides. We must reinvent the way housing is designed in America as there are too many layers of disconnection from nature. Living indoors fully disconnected from nature baffles me. The pyramids I reside in will have nature integrated. Why do we have ceilings which block sunlight from coming in? My ceiling will be structured in a way so our most magnificent sun can shine her way through at all times. Humans live in a most pathetic manner, but I plan to balance the cosmic duality of love while I am in this human vessel. I love all of you.

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