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I must admit. Facebook has very low-vibrational humans in comparison to Instagram. I do not tolerate humans in either place very well, but I find more like-minded individuals to connect with on Instagram. I fully understand why Instagram allows you to post to Facebook from its app. Beware! Run as fast as you can from this dark place known as Facebook. It lowers my vibration significantly, but I had used it previously to push a local message.

I have difficulty relating to adults that have succumbed to the K-12 indoctrination chasing unrealistic materialistic dreams living a very artificial life fully disconnected from nature. Have a child-like mind like me, please.

In America, you mostly hear about girls being victimized by abusers and not the other way around due to how children are conditioned and indoctrinated in this country. You raise boys to be warriors, but girls to be fragile and you wonder why they are victimized. This will be no more in New America. All children will blossom to their true selves fully standing their ground. I believe all children should master martial arts. This was American life before 1918. We didn’t need government for jobs. We didn’t need government for housing. We took care of our own communities and the biggest authority we encountered was the local Sheriff who had close relationships with everyone in their community. Americans have forgotten their past due to the Liberal agenda of having us become very dependent upon government. Grow the fuck up and start raising warriors. Quit pushing your invisible servitude on your children when you haven’t figured out life yourself.

Many of our communes will have a focus on children being able to play, think, and act as children allowing their subconscious to fully blossom. Many souls incarnate here on Earth to have fun and to show humans how simple fun can be. Look at any wild animal in the Amazon. Animals don’t need a council of their own kind for housing or jobs. The time has come for humanity to rise up as a collective and break their bondage set forth upon them.

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