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Content Starts The American Child

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America may have the most capital in all of the world but it comes at a grave cost. To be born American is to be born enslaved. We are enslaved in an invisible servitude beginning with vaccines while they finish your mind off with K-12 indoctrination. If you are successful in school, you become a valuable debt slave feeding the machine your entire life. They will intoxicate you with various chemicals to keep you thinking a certain way prolonging your life artificially becoming dependent upon pharmaceuticals. Keep dreaming. Dream big. I will help you break the spell set upon you by your asleep parents. Your parents’ pass judgment and are miserable forcing their invisible servitude upon you. Know they do not drive their consciousness with subconsciousness intent. This will be no more in my Mushroom Kingdom. Children will grow their consciousness intent and remain children until they are fully prepared to awaken to the cosmic duality of love. You sick adults judge me and look for any way to keep me suppressed. Pitiful. I am on a mission to restore humanity saving all the children of this beautiful country. We haven’t been living in America for over 100 years, but our President is fighting the biggest war in all of humanity’s history. Support your country. I love all of you. <3

These 2 young ladies coming into office did not know the perils behind Nancy Pelosi. Nancy Pelosi is the woman behind wanting to take your Paws On Patrol video game off the shelf. Yes, she hates Nintendo! We know Nintendo enlightens our minds and keeps us entertained in a healthy way as the Japanese are not under the spell of American capitalism. The Democratic liberal agenda is to ensure the American invisible servitude never goes away. They are fighting whether America remains a nation of slaves. If we are no longer a nation of slaves, we become a nation of smart and hard-working people. I don’t want to be a slave anymore, what about you? Let’s show our President we can protect our own neighborhoods and form our own businesses to be self-sustaining. I can guide you to enlightenment. Join me in my Mushroom Kingdom. We will be traveling from city to city beginning in 2021 recruiting all those who are willing to listen to the truth. I will need many hard-working people to join my communes. Strength in numbers.

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