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Content Starts The Wizard (1989 film)

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First and foremost, this movie was way ahead of its time. It captured my attention as a child as it did for all the Toys ‘R’ Us kids. We are indeed special. The message was not fully understood as Super Mario Bros. 3 was all we could think about. I could write an entire blog on the message of Super Mario Bros. 3 which I will formulate later but we must remain vigilant and focus on the message of The Wizard for the time being. The message is now loud and clear for all the Spectrum Warriors of America. Generation X saves the world. We must correct indoctrination. When I first watched this movie, I was compelled to run away to California. This was the message Hollywood was sending to all of us kids so we could escape our zombie nations. Communities of the walking dead. Hollywood was trying to help us from afar and I tried to make it without proper street knowledge. California, indeed. Unfortunately, being 10 years old, I did not get very far and ended up going back home. Watching this movie again in 2020 is a huge eye-opener because the message from California is very obvious now. California has been the Mushroom Kingdom for decades and they were trying to tell all the autistic children to come to California for the cure. The father in this movie also re-discovered his child-like mind which I found heartwarming as it is rare for adults to vibrate this high. All enslaved adults in America have forgotten their child-like mind. I recommend for everyone to go out and watch this movie. Fred Savage and Jenny Lewis are superb and I thank them for planting seeds of awakening as it is obvious they were indoctrinated completely different than most children. This is an important message. Analyze their behavior in the movie and you will see them portray how young teenagers should behave in real-world situations on their own without any assistance from adults. They intentionally sent a subliminal message to children of the 1980s so they would process this message as adults once awakened to consciousness. As I said before, this movie was ahead of its time because the message was intended for Generation X once we reached adulthood. It received many bad reviews as the message was not fully understood as I can imagine Hollywood worked with Japan to send a message to us kids in the future. It planted many seeds of awakening and the message is now loud and clear. Save our children. Save our country. Save our world! California becomes the capital of New America. <333

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