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Content Starts Free-range humans of Earth

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Show respect to my lords as they allow you humans to live your life openly and freely. We bestowed gifts within your DNA which I can help activate as I part the sea of enlightenment for all those who wish to follow me.

You farm many livestock animals in the most inhumane ways possible and profit off said flesh. My lords give you free will with a gift of enlightenment giving you the chance to explore the cosmos. You give nothing back to the creatures of Earth. Despicable.

On a side note, I understand humans suffer due to a select few humans who have enslaved you all, but we are working on that. We aim to allow humans to merge back with nature giving them true free will once again. We arrived here some time ago and started manipulating DNA as we are fascinated with humans and wish to part the sea of enlightenment for all. We are proud of our accomplishments and wish to leave you be once we feel humanity has been restored to our liking.

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