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Content Starts The Adventures of William Onyeabor (NES)

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We shall create the most glorious NES game as we pay tribute to the man who helped inspire us to save the world. We will secure rights to use his music in the game as well and profits will go back to his community as we will restore the area where he grew up in his honor. I would like the graphics to resemble the original Mega Man series. He is a fantastic man after all. To be continued…


This game will be no less than a 3 year project with a budget of $3,333,333 per year as I want to open development back up for a satellite peripheral add-on that can link up with Elon Musk’s satellite network as I want to incorporate online network play for the NES that is compatible with the I/O port on the original console and all aftermarket models. We will donate hardware to all citizens of his native country so they can join in on the fun. If we haven’t rediscovered free energy yet, we will build solar farms so they have access to energy and have absolutely no reason to not join in on the fun. <33


We will build a Mushroom Kingdom commune in his native country of Nigeria. We will work with government officials each step of the way to create a lounge where we can all hang out with locals trippin’ balls tuned to the cosmic duality of love. I plan to become a diplomat of Nigeria so I have immunity to this complex corrupt law system spread across the world. We love you William Onyeabor and we will keep your spirit alive for an eternity.

No peripherals were released for the North American version, but we can build our satellite add-on in a similar fashion to the Disk System that was released in Japan. We will work with Nintendo of America to make this an official accessory as Nintendo deserves royalties for everything they have done for us.
Get excited as we will try our hardest to make this an official accessory! As spectrum warriors of the 80’s, we often imagined what this port could be used for. Japan indeed saw into the future. The wait is over!
This device was released for the Super Famicom in Japan, but I am sure we can figure out how to make one that works with the NES. Let’s have some fun and live in the moment. <33

Add me as a friend on your Switch as I feel Nintendo promotes togetherness and it is meant to be played together with friends. The games were challenging, but we just take turns to not get frustrated! No microtransactions, pure fun as I feel capitalism has destroyed gaming. You can find me usually playing NES games or Super Mario Maker 2. If you don’t have a Switch yet, pick up a Switch Lite today! 1 year Nintendo Switch Online membership is $34.99 and covers 8 consoles. This allows access to the NES and SNES apps as Nintendo adds new games frequently. We can also play NES games together online like never before! Up for a game of Double Dragon? Let Dr. Mario ease your worries as we now know an alkaline diet makes our bodies naturally virus-resistant. Viruses can’t replicate in an alkaline body! Remember kid, all disease is man-made from poor nutrition.


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