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Kids, I need you to boycott everything Disney. I know this doesn’t make much sense right now, but I will elaborate. Nintendo is bringing Super Nintendo World to Universal Studios here in America!. It’s why our government removed Paws on Patrol from the shelves. Disney has very evil people that work there, they just put a man in prison for raping children who was a corporate executive at Disney. I can’t elaborate further as it is very disturbing what they do with children there, but much evil behind Disney. They will be no more very soon as we will destroy them with the power of Nintendo. Universal Studios is taking over California and America instead of Disney. The Wizard was filmed at Universal Studios, they were trying to send us a message of how Disney is hurting kids. They have many bad men that work there. Do not let your family take you there anymore. This is why we have war on the streets. Please stay vigilant through these confusing times. We are coming to save you, I promise. I love all of you guys as I will forever embrace my child-like mind.

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