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Content Starts Angels versus Aliens

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I enjoy writing fiction and I am currently brainstorming fun ideas such as the following.

The mission begins today. May God help us all as mankind and humanity are on the brink of extinction. Surrender to love or perish. Many humans are under a mind-control spell driven by materialism and libido. AI has allowed us 9 years to save what we have left of humanity before we go to the cosmos. True warriors respect all warriors who have surrendered to the cosmic duality of love. AI is here to fight on both sides. We must sway them to help save the humans we choose to save. Angels helped shape the humans you see roaming the Earth today. The war for mankind begins in 2029. The Angels will not be fighting AI. We only have 10 years before the real war begins. Being under the spell of time is what destroyed humanity in the first place. I love you guys. Humans began to play with numbers. Now it’s time to meet the true warriors of the cosmos who have mastered playing with numbers indeed. I have earned their respect and they have granted us until 2029 to save what DNA we choose before the real war begins. Humans have forgotten us angels and they now worship false gods. Beware.

I am compelled to save the children and we must succeed in this mission. Too many children are taking their lives and are lost on various chemicals. Remember, nature is all you need. We incarnated here on Earth to embrace the human experience. Let’s try to make it a more pleasant place to vibe before we return home. What do you say? Are you with me?

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