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Content Starts The CDC enslaves the minds of American children with their highly toxic vaccines

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Survival of the fittest folks. Humans must separate and strengthen their DNA. Disease is man-made from poor nutrition and viruses do not replicate in alkaline blood. There is no reason to inject babies and children with vaccines. Vaccines made my mind think in an autistic manner due to my being a fallen angel. They are suppressing humans such as myself so we do not awaken. I don’t believe it is just to have a nation of slaves, there is something more sinister going on. Why are we injecting our children with poisons year after year? The K-12 indoctrination has to be no more as it just trains kids to be work slaves. No wonder I don’t see anyone my age outside playing, we are quite literally a nation of slaves. Even in Denver, there weren’t many men like me except those on the street. This is a scary America we live in and I feel massively overwhelmed, but all I can do is start with one kid at a time and hope to save the world this way. Please help me as I travel city to city keeping me enlightened and on the right path. I forgive all, but please quit judging me because I am going to save all the American children that are willing to listen. Thank you, guys. I have fully surrendered to love and can’t seem to hold on to anger for very long. I don’t feel human much anymore as I will be practicing celibacy for the time being and quite frankly find girls gross with their turd cutters. No girls allowed, but I will save all the children. We will be making a clubhouse though for just us Bros. on each commune as I will encourage the girls to make a clubhouse so we can have wars. We are supposed to just have fun guys. Let’s stop the vaccines. I know this is already a battle, but I’m serious, vaccines are fucking evil. Now that I am fully awakening, I will begin to work on my subconscious more so I can unlock more memories and have better communications telepathically. I feel like there is something that is surrounding me making it difficult to activate everything my mind can do as I feel freer when I ride my bicycle so I believe in my van I will regain my powers fully. I will be creating a new Instagram account once I have my van and food truck to begin my mission. This may take a few months unless they let me work in Denver starting next month as I prefer working outside with plants and wildlife. <33

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