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You must be one of the fellow Bros. fully awakening to join. Angels are both male and female and practice celibacy. I’m not talking about a hermaphrodite. It is confusing for me as well as I adjust to my fully awakened state. It’s called Super Mario BROS. We didn’t make the rules girls. We will have a Playchoice-10 machine where we take turns and we will have all the classic Nintendo arcade games. There will be at least 3 Donkey Kong machines where we have timed battles. We will smoke Cuban cigars, eat grilled cheese sandwiches, and kick ass.

Okay girls, calm down. You girls make your own clubhouse, but us Bros. will always be superior. We will have water gun battles to see who is indeed superior. I love all of you as an angel’s love is meant to be shared.

Bros. are real pals because we kick ass. We don’t have to command as you girls do. Don’t believe every truth you hear as your friends may not always be true friends. She represents the liberal agenda, enslavement with a kiss silly. If anyone could help identify the dog in the wagon, this would be great. Leave comments below. Hillary, grab your super soaker, it’s war. It’s all love baby. Yes, I gathered all of this from watching this short advertisement. I am very autistic. #EachSoldSeparately <333
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