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Content Starts Toys “R” Us kids are considered autistic in America

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Generation X was Toys “R” Us kids and we were very autistic. Now, they just put kids on a bunch of pills. Help me see my vision of New America come alive. Help restore Toys “R” Us as they helped kids dream big. We rampaged neighborhoods and kicked ass. Now they just want us autistic kids to be mindless zombies sitting around separated from one another. Let kids be kids for however long they want to be. I love you guys.

Parents quit teaching your kids fear. During this New World Order, let kids pretend it’s Halloween every day and buy them scary masks to wear in public. Go check out Etsy as they have some with voice changers and ones that cover their eyes with LED lights. You can live in fear all you want, but let kids be kids and let them have some fun while wearing masks. This is an exciting time in America as we needed a major overhaul.

Yes, some locations were open until midnight where kids could run around crazy all night.
They put all the children to sleep in America now with pills and vaccines. Help me save the children. Kids can’t dream anymore as they force their pineal gland closed at birth in New America. I plan to invest significantly to restore Toys “R” Us in America so kids can dream again and keep their child-like mind for life. It’s not fair that most adults don’t think like me and I plan to change that. <333

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