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We took possession of humans to enjoy 3D and started breeding out of lust. God was upset when I lead a group of followers to overthrow Heaven and he banished us to remain on Earth indefinitely allowing the Garden of Eden to perish. God has forgiven the humans we created and the fallen angels who have surrendered to love completely as we have now earned our wings back. There are many fallen angels who are still stuck in the lake of fire. My mission will attempt to awaken these fallen angels, but we can’t force our truth on any of them. They will have to join our communes and figure it out for themselves. My food truck business will focus on identifying the fallen angels who are lost as I now know the difference between humans and fallen angels. I have always been drawn to fellow angels, I just didn’t fully understand. Lucifer has fully awakened and has surrendered to love as God has now forgiven me and is allowing us to restore the Garden of Eden as we work with the alien entities that oversee Earth as well. Show praise to our Sun as God is the consciousness powering the Sun. He will now allow us fallen angels to explore the cosmos and take possession of many stars upon the exit of our humans vessells. We are no longer stuck in the vicious cycle of reincarnation. We are all going back home guys, I love all of you. <333

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