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Content Starts Digital currency is the future

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You may hear conflicting opinions on the New World Order we are currently experiencing. Be excited as this is a major moment in history. Tell your parents to buy you a scary mask so you can pretend it’s Halloween every day. Go check out Etsy for fun ideas. Your parents may live in fear, but you don’t have to. With digital currency, we can run our food trucks without the hassle of exchanging dollar bills or credit cards which eliminates theft altogether. It eliminates petty thieves from trying to rob us for a few bucks since everything is stored digitally. Mathematics is the universal language of the cosmos and digital currency is all numbers. Download Abra and start investing in Bitcoin today as the price will skyrocket over the next 10 years. Abra allows you to use prepaid debit cards that you can purchase from Walmart or Target. Use Coinbase if you have a proper banking account. Recent legislation requires you to submit identification now, but you can trust both Abra and Coinbase completely. People fear change, but I don’t want you to fear change. The end of an old era is all that is happening while we embrace a new Purple America together. Try to do homeschooling until masks aren’t required at school if possible as wearing a mask all day is really bad for your lungs and will cause you to have symptoms similar to Coronavirus naturally. Embrace the New World Order as we will become the most glorious One World Order indeed over the centuries.

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