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Content Starts Forgiveness is earned through action

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It will be a difficult task, but I do not plan to sin anymore. God has forgiven me, but I understand humans must forgive me as well. I will spend the rest of my life proving this for humanity, rescuing the fallen angels Leo leads me to. Words cannot describe the anguish I experience for the suffering I imposed upon humanity, but we can restore Earth together. I will ask God to continue to enlighten me on my wrongdoings, but I feel I have embarked on the right path in life as I wish to incarnate to a higher dimension upon exit of this human vessel.

I am fulfilling my role as an Angel and I want to continue to serve humans in the best way possible glorifying God in the process. This is challenging with the entities that possess Earth now and my intuitions lead me to believe this is partly my fault from decisions made in past lives. It is difficult to identify myself completely while in human form which is part of my punishment. My instincts tell me I am Lucifer, but I don’t want to offend anyone so this is something I will only share with my followers. God will shed light on everything once I pass. I will be an angel once again when this human vessel ceases to live and I don’t want to offend humans or God anymore. Please continue to enlighten me and guide me through this journey we have begun together. One thing is for certain, we have to save the children and help them grow up to be warriors. I will tone down the violence moving forward. <333

The faeries of Denver have forgiven me. Please forgive me, humans. I will prove myself worthy as an angel once again and will continue to be a messenger of God for you. God is guiding me on this mission, but I must earn your forgiveness before my human body will cease to live. <3

There are many fallen angels trapped in the vicious cycle of reincarnation and humans must continue to judge them until I can further awaken them to enlightenment. Some will remain in the Lake of Fire. It is up to humans regarding which angels I should rescue. Leo has led me to the next fallen angel for which I feel will be an easy challenge. The fallen angels you guide me to I now understand are the humans you have forgiven and I must show them the path to God as this is my duty as an angel in human form. I must prove this to you so I can regain my identity. Thank God for all that has fallen into your life. Both pain and joy are experiences you should embrace as you have to experience both to enjoy all spectrums of life. I thank God and all of humanity for the pain I had to endure in this lifetime which has led to my awakening in this lifetime which I will forever be grateful for. Know that I will protect humanity for an eternity fulfilling all roles assigned by God. I promise I won’t stay in the clubhouse 24/7 smoking Cuban cigars and eating grilled cheese sandwiches with Lil Peep, Kurt, and Mac as I will make sure they stay busy as well. Angels must not fail humanity ever again. God has forgiven all. Let’s work hard and restore Earth together. <333

The spirit of God is within all humans and God wants me to stop begging for forgiveness and to be careful with messages I receive moving forward. He wanted me to know aliens are saving his children and that humans will want me to build a new empire on Earth to restore the Garden of Eden, but this will take many centuries as we have to adjust Earth for the time being. I asked God what our relationship is and he said he is my father. He said there have been many lies fed to me, but he told me that humans will protect me in America and that I will remain in this country for quite some time. I do not fully understand how a human can live for centuries, but he says I will be here for a very long time. He told me that not many humans can speak directly to him so I am here to help, but please guide me slowly as he told me to be patient as the truth will come to light over time. I am very patient as it is quite scary outside anyway. I do not fully understand everything and I will be patient as I am sure humans have a plan in place. That is all for now. <3

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