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Content Starts Thrift store vibin’

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Listen up kids. Next time your parents give you five bucks to go get a soda pop or candy, save it and ask to go to your local Goodwill. Throw some earbuds in, press play on your favorite NES soundtrack and go treasure hunting. You can always pick up a new vinvl record as listening to music has lost its original value. Music of today will just scatter your thoughts and have you angry all the time losing all sense of togetherness. Gather your friends around, share a story and throw some vinyl on while you vibe. You don’t need money to be happy. Good people, good food and nature. That’s it folks. The trifecta of happiness. That is the secret to the Garden of Eden on Earth. We can start planting fruit trees everywhere so the homeless always have something to snack on. I will be orchestrating my caravan very soon when the New World Order is complete. For now, I will be further awakening fallen angels I have identified as candidates to join the Spectrum Warriors of America. This is a one man show for now. Don’t let them know fully awakened angels think like kids and don’t care for girls very much, but dont worry my girl followers. I will have you thinking like a warrior over time bashing boy’s skulls in with your skateboard the first time they try to touch you inappropriately. We shall have watergun battles as I plan to invent many fun games for us to play outside while filming Double Dare 3 which will be streamed live 24/7 across the streets of Denver. You will find me as Houndoom or the Joker depending on my mood. I will have to remain in Denver, but I look forward to meeting all of you. I will help guide all of you through this chaotic spell your parents have you under when you are set free. Angels do not discriminate, we just think us Bros. are superior. Prove us wrong. Everything is going to be okay now. I promise. Stay vigiliant, eat more fruit and keep your vibes as high as you can tuning out the anger you receive from your parents. Respond with love when they show nothing but hatred. <333

I love you Misty. <3
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