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Content Starts Never pass judgment on kids

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Kids will be kids. This kid has every right to believe in whatever he believes in and justice has been served for tainting his image. We saw these confusing news clips and we were all fed misleading information. We should never assume the worst or assume our children are terrorists. Pitiful. Disgraceful. Jeff Bezos purchased The Washington Post for $250 million and I feel it is righteous The Washington Post has to pay $250 million to Nicholas Sandmann. Never assume anything before meeting a person and never judge kids especially those under the age of 25 as they are still forming their views and opinions about the world around them. Let them grow and absorb everything around them. Guide them on their path to enlightenment. If you see this kid on the street, give him a hug, he needs it. Money doesn’t buy happiness as I can imagine he suffers every day because of how the media portrayed him. I send my love to you and yours Mr. Nicholas Sandmann and know God loves you and has his arms wide open when you are ready to join him in the Kingdom of Heaven. <333

Kids, I want you to stop shopping at Amazon. The Liberals are forgetting what it means to be an American. In this country, kids have the right to stand up for whatever they believe in. We are remembering that we are a nation of warriors with different opinions on matters. We should always accept all humans who have different views and opinions of the world. This kid is patriotic and believes in the American Dream and did no wrong. True justice was served when federal judges saw the wrong that was portrayed by The Washington Post. They used this kid for their liberal agenda to brainwash kids like you and me, but now we don’t have to believe their lies. They fed the public lies when these kids did no wrongdoing whatsoever. I want you to remember that true justice was served and I want you to share this story on your social media as money doesn’t buy happiness and this kid suffers every day. The media is against the American dream. The only video I could find posted on this story was from an Australian news feed. Help this story get its fair share as the liberals do not believe in freedom of speech whatsoever. The liberals want to give you a free handout and demand you do as they say or else. The liberals must awaken to love and see the lies they are being fed by the media that we used to trust. <333
We want you to feel safe on the streets Mr. Nicholas Sandmann and invite you and yours to Denver where you always be welcome and safe. <3

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