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Content Starts 1980s Commune

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I would like to develop a remote commune somewhere on the West Coast where we can simulate kids growing up as Toys “R” Us kids. I will invest significantly to create a small replica city from the 1980s. Children born here will grow up oblivious to the chaos outside this community. No smartphones or other slave technology. Kids are born starting in 1979 and will begin to transition to the outside world in 1989 as they transfer to a transitioning commune to adjust to the United States of Zombies. We will have different sectors for various age groups and will use BBS and other dial-up technologies to have fun online. We will only accept families that have no children as all children must be born on these communes. Generation X rocks is all I can say. Children will grow up playing the NES and will only be influenced by 1980s Hollywood. More details to follow, but I think you catch the drift. Why? Why not. <333

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