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Content Starts Joker trials of America

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Home of “The Guillotine Games”

Brought to you by Tik Tok

This is a public service announcement for all you child murderers and rapists. If Michelangelo was in charge, there would be no lawyers and we would host, “The Guillotine Games” to strike fear in you degenerates whom we haven’t caught yet. Surrender to love or perish. No jail. Off with your head. This will be a festival of all festivals with food, games, and prizes for all. The soundtrack below played before all beheadings, and as always your skull will be elegantly presented to your loved ones as a very beautiful planter with a plant chosen by the victim’s family. Rock and roll.

This will stop the victimization of children over time as I feel it would effectively limit and balance the number of demons incarnating on Earth. Unfortunately, I am not in charge. This idea may not come to light in America, but it is a great idea for leaders across the world as the suffering of children must end now. <333

Update – May 3, 2021

It is important to know that executions must be performed in a ceremonial type of a way to permanently expunge these souls from our matrix or they will simply reincarnate. This is a note to our leaders when these new laws go into effect in New America.

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