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Content Starts Arcade Supernova

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I have much to restore on Earth and I plan to invest significantly so I can open an arcade in every city across America. Our network throughout the Mushroom Kingdom will consist of many arcades. These arcades will be a place for high vibes only. No alcohol served. The 1980’s predicted the future correctly. Nintendo returns to dominate the arcade scene in New America.

We will establish a database where certain customers are regarded as “Bros.” upon entry. Special privileges. We will have no cover charge from 4:20am until 8:00am Monday – Friday. Free play like always. Alkaline drinks and breakfast items will be available. We will have additional staff available so no one is left behind.

Yes, we will be open 24/7. We be tripping balls at Arcade Supernova as it is always fun and games to be had.

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