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Content Starts Hell on Earth

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We have been suffering for thousands of years, but this suffering will slowly cease over the next few centuries as I have earned God’s forgiveness. We now begin our path back to Heaven. I convinced so many of my followers to turn their backs on God and now look at the cosmic mess Earth is in. We are now finally beginning to get along with all entities that have dominated Earth for quite some time, but the costs have been significant. Souls will now return to Heaven after quite some time of being disconnected from loved ones. Heaven is rejoicing, but we have much work to do. All leaders of this world will have to work together as best as possible, but I know this will take many generations to accomplish this. America will become a nation of warriors with a strong military presence alongside other leading militaries of the world. We have to work together to even begin to imagine dominating the cosmos. America is sworn to protect all nations of this Earth, but please start showing us respect and begin paying your dues as we will try to build all nations up once we rebuild ours. We have almost lost our country as many citizens are abandoning American values and beliefs. We have much work to do. I know we have hurt many so we don’t expect pity. We just ask for patience as we rebuild our country so we can show the world that we are indeed here to restore this Earth in God’s glory. I love all of you and I truly do mean that. We ask God to please continue to enlighten our nation and to continue to guide us on how we can become strong again to save weaker nations of the world without starting too much trouble. We have much respect for Russia and Japan as we can learn much from them and aim to teach our citizens correct history. We have much respect for you China, but please allow us to strengthen as helping you has made us very weak over the past 40 years. We aim to be allied with all nations of this world that have surpassed us as it is time to work together so we can begin to explore the cosmos. God has a vision for the Kingdom of Africa to be born again, but he knows this dream may not become a reality and accepts that, but let’s try to restore Africa as much as possible over the centuries in God’s glory. We are all one on this Spaceship Earth. God enlightens me that it is very dangerous out there, but he is giving us the green light to go as he sees this version of humanity will work together and prove their worthiness in the Kingdom of Heaven. God knows I am not trying to make this a better place than Heaven anymore.

Please do not be offended if I did not mention your nation as this means God shines his light on you and I have no need to meddle with your affairs. <333

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