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The best way to support the movement in New America is to go out and support your local farmer. When you see a farmer on the side of the road selling his homegrown food, have your parents stop and shop with them. It doesn’t matter the price as produce will become much more affordable over time. Corporations own most of the food chain making it very difficult for farmers to thrive. When you are at the grocery store, ask your parents to buy some fruit and I want you to look at the labeling. Make sure you buy from a local farm as close to home as possible or choose produce grown in California. Evil corporations are making it hard for farmers to thrive due to confusing tax subsidies that I don’t completely understand.

I want you to google local farmers markets and go visit them. They are fun as you never know what you may find and it is fun to mingle with locals as you will make new friends. Help your parents form community once again in America and help them remember the importance of togetherness. Food should always be your highest priority. You don’t need much money to live off of produce. Supporting local farmers feels good and they appreciate your business. If you enjoy eggs, look up to see if anyone local sells eggs as they will usually be cheaper and of higher quality. Chickens who roam around outside lay healthier eggs. You can always tell if a chicken was happy when she laid her eggs if the shell is frail or thick. Eggs that crack too easily come from very unhappy chickens raised in inhumane conditions. Eggs are very nutritious and I recommend consuming one egg daily. We will have communes dedicated to all livestock as we will supply our food trucks directly from our communes providing jobs for many. We will network with local farmers across every city in this beautiful nation to create farmers markets in all communities. Farmers will once again thrive in America thanks to you. Keep your heads up. The angels are winning and America is going to be a bad ass country. I promise. I love all of you. <333

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