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Content Starts Esper Dream (Konami) (1987) (Famicom Disk System)

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This game was not released in America, but we can apply this english translation patch to an image of the disk system game from Japan before burning back to a disk once again. I plan to open a Twitch channel soon where I stream Famicom Disk System games. I plan to purchase this game from and apply this IPS to the image I will dump from it.

Esper Dream (for the Famicom Disk System)
Mute’s English Patch – Initial Release


This patch is intended for the image commonly
labeled “1.1” — it may turn out that other versions
are compatible, but, if you have a choice, go with
that one.

The patch completely ignores side B, where saved
games are stored, so anything already saved should
remain intact and untouched. (Although the names may
come out a bit strange because the characters have
been remapped.)


Some text was cut from the mayor’s thank-you speech
when you rescue Alice midway through the game. He
originally addressed her, too, along these lines:
“Alice! Are you safe? Damn you for making me worry.
I had save you. And save you he did!”

Most of the children referred to themselves in the
third person: this is Miyuki’s house; I’m Kinu-chan
let’s play; this is Hitomi’s place. Their
space-consuming names were removed, as was the name
of the boy who’s rooting for you (Mikey).

The following item and ability names were changed
(again, mostly due to space constraints):

Lifesource       -> Life Bulb
Angel Ring       -> Angel Arm
Esper Beam       -> Psi Beam
Power Repair     -> HP Repair
Esper Light      -> Esper Lamp
Alice's Necklace -> Necklace
Red Jewel        -> Garnet
Small Rod        -> Wand
Big Rod          -> Staff
Esper Eye        -> Esper Specs
Miracle Capsule  -> Capsule
Rocket Launcher  -> Bazooka


I used Tile Layer Pro and YY-CHR for graphics,
Thingy and Hex Workshop for miscellaneous hex
editing, and perl for most everything else. NN
NesterJ came through during beta testing with
auto-fire and fast disk access. FCEU ran the game in
the first place. Finally, UIPS put it all together.
Thanks to Parasyte for data breakpoints, Xodnizel
for .91’s memory window, and Toma for the DevilBoy

— Mute (February 26, ’03)

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