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Content Starts Double Dare 3 – Updates

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Double Dare 3 will be an outdoor adventure game set in the Downtown region of Denver, Colorado and surrounding areas catered for all those who need some cowabunga in their lives.

An epic quest awaits all of my followers.

Mushroom Kingdom services will pick you and your entourage up at the airport where your saga begins. You choose how your destiny begins and develops.

Red. Blue. Purple.

You will choose the drink that begins your quest for knowledge. You will then be equipped with a backpack of supplies, bear spray and a communication device running a custom build of Linux and your team of 3 support personnel. Your quest will begin at a library. Riddles and clues will lead you on your path to salvation as you battle zombies along the way. I will be constructing coordinates similar to geocaching. You will wear a special watch that will sound an alarm when you must consume the next drink. They will be numbered in your backpack in the order for which they are to be consumed. These energy drinks will supply your body with everything it needs for the 96-hour trip. There will be designated safe encampments for you to approach for resting as you will be outiftted in a way so we know to look out for you. Adults 25 and over will only be accepted into the pilot program. ETA 2022.

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