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Content Starts Awaken the serpent…

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Many living creatures on Earth have awakened to consciousness possessing souls from all regions of the universe. Many souls incarnate here as undesirables souls of the cosmos sentenced to the Lake of Fire of Earth. You must awaken to consciousness in this lifetime to prove yourself worthy to the councils of the cosmos if you want to escape Earth and incarnate elsewhere. I relate closely to the “rainbow children” theory as my soul is home to a faraway galaxy. I incarnated here on a mission to help advance humanity in this upcoming one world order.

Come to terms with Earth being a prison for souls, but there are many parallel societies where bright souls destined for the stars can reside and thrive.

You must conquer all fears to begin awakening all 7 chakras which can earn your wings back allowing your soul true liberty. Many souls here on Earth are fallen, angels. I have many spirit guides that are helping me grow my soul right here on Earth.

Prove yourself worthy and identify your mission in life. The first step is realizing you are born enslaved. New Humans with advanced DNA now dominate this planet. We may not be able to create a Heaven throughout Earth, but we can try to make it a better place before we depart as I feel it is very unfair for souls that are still in an ancient slumber. Souls have no chance to escape being stuck in a vicious cycle of reincarnation.

Rise your vibrations. I can help lead the way as you enter the cosmos with your mind.

When your mood changes in an undesirable way, this is an important time to meditate and self-reflect. Practice slow deep breathing which will strengthen your aura shielding outside interferences.

We must come together as a collective as we awaken. Stargates are our ticket out of here, but they are heavily guarded. We must earn our right of passage as much light energy is harvested from Earth through souls.

Chakra Flow Meditation/Hypnosis

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